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"I've been getting acupuncture treatments to keep my body in tip top shape and especially for helping my body with the recovery process. Jeff is one of the best I've ever worked with and I highly recommend him to athletes competing at an elite level." 

-Scooby W. 


"I’m currently training for a pro day in April and Jeff has played an instrumental role in the success of my training program. He has a calm energy along with a strong attention to detail that is very comforting as a client. With his treatments, I’ve noticed a drastic decrease of tension throughout my body, particularly muscle groups that have been irritated and prone to injury for my entire college career. I’ve noticed a far greater range of motion throughout my body as well as a better feeling of well-being and energy. Above all, he’s an awesome guy that genuinely wants to help people reach their goals, whatever those might be. If you want to perform better athletically, recover more efficiently after workouts, or just live a more comfortable life, Jeff is definitely the guy to see."  

 -Kevin B. 

"Jeff fixed my body and released tension in muscles that I didn't even know were tight. Every time I get done with a session my body feels so good. I feel like a different person after each session and Jeff gets me back to feeling 100 percent."

-Vinny T.

"I am delighted to share my exceptional experience with Jeff, my acupuncturist, who has proven to be absolutely amazing, effective, and charming in every aspect of his practice. Jeff's approach to acupuncture is truly noteworthy - his expertise and gentle demeanor create a soothing environment that enhances the overall effectiveness of the sessions.

What sets Jeff apart is not only his mastery in acupuncture but also the additional self-wellness offerings he provides. The oxygen chamber and cryo therapy capsule have been instrumental in complementing my overall well-being journey. The oxygen chamber's rejuvenating effects and the invigorating experience of the cryo therapy capsule have added tremendous value to my sessions with Jeff.

I would also like to extend a special shout-out to Matthew, a valuable member of Jeff's team. Matthew's kindness and flexibility in working with my schedule have made each visit seamless and stress-free. His dedication to ensuring a positive experience further contributes to the overall excellence of Jeff's practice.

In conclusion, Jeff and his team, especially Matthew, have created a holistic and customer-centric approach that goes beyond traditional acupuncture, incorporating cutting-edge wellness offerings for a truly comprehensive experience. I wholeheartedly recommend Jeff and his team for anyone seeking an exceptional and tailored wellness journey."

-Donald O.

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